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been spending alot of time on ffxi. went to visit new places, almost died via demons and the bitter cold weather i'm sure. accompanied by donnovan, cobbi, eike, and valient on several different trips (trip 1: don, cobbi - trip 2: don, valient - trip 3: don, cobbi, eike). death count in フェ・イン (fei-yin) 3/5. go us.

happy fun time in beaucedine glacier and xarcabardCollapse )

boy, has this turned into a gaming journal or what? ^^;
mk, movie time with ethan. mmm pirate. bye bye ~

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dads in seattle - headed for canada ^^;
and i'm going to bed.
thank you for your kind words.
thank you for being so sweet to me.
i love you.
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lots of random shit. tired. dad's going out of town again with my sister tomorrow. yay seattle! or something. i thought i should go with to poke at cobbiちゃん but oh well they're flying hehe. um. i'm going back to bed ^^;
good luck "today" davechann! ^^ i hope all works well.



dear /flist,
what are you up to today? ^^
love, alice.

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hum, maybe you lj kids can help me?

recently my internet explorer is acting all fucked, so to speak.
when i right click to grab a picture it auto saves in BMP format - boo, like yea.. "untitled.bmp" is NOT all over the internet. also i can't view the friggin source to anything.... any ideas how to fix this? it really is annoying.

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ok. i'm a very blunt person. and i like to share what is going on in my life openly. and normally i would not care who reads what i have to say. however, when you come here and read this, take it the wrong way completly and go yell at dave for it, that's taking it a bit far, in my opinion - mind you. and it kind of makes me feel stalked - i don't like that you're using my journal to gather dirt on him to have a reason to fucking yell at him when he has done nothing wrong. you said you can let it go right? said you're over it? then fucking do it kerry. do you want my password? do you wanna see all my protected posts? this is ridiclous.

listen, he doesn't say anything bad about you, at all. he does not talk about you other than saying, "I don't want her to hate my guts". why can't you just trust that and let it fucking go instead of running and checking my LJ to see what's going on in my life? christ! can you please just mind your own goddamn buisness? or do you want me to make posts like this:

today i played ffxi.
i'm tired. goodnight.

or do you want me to make posts so far from the truth just so you have a reason to take your jealous anger out on dave? I AM SORRY SHIT TURNED OUT THE WAY IT DID FOR YOU. I AM SORRY YOU ARE NOT HAPPY. I AM SORRY THAT I CAN BE. I AM SORRY THAT YOUR -EX- CAN ALSO BE HAPPY WITH SOMEONE ELSE. i am also very sorry that love fades and there is nothing you can do about it. we all know the feeling.

dear kiserai,
you told me in-game that you do not want to cause drama...... so why are you?
sincerely, itazura.
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