August 5th, 2003

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hm. dyed my hair so i took some pictures. i'm only posting one because i'm lazy. not just lazy, i'm a lazy person's superior, like.. uh.. a captain or something, hmm. yea. maybe i'll post more later but i have to like.. get out of my chair soon. and not only do i have to get out of my chair, i have to (:O! /GASP * OMG WHAT?) leave the house too.

i look sickly, don't i?Collapse )

yea i'm really that pale.. erm.. that's what not leaving the house and living in minneapolis will do to you. yay. i look like a vampire RARR with how white i am haha.. ok then. maybe i have cancer? love the boxers don't you? yea i thought so. :D
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