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so i killed all my files for nothing. it's ok ^^;;;
here's the deal for more info on the problem:

windows xp patch

more info

apparently lots of people have this issue, so if you;re experiencing any problems with your "remote procedure call" DOWNLOAD THE PATCH FROM MICROSOFT - THE PROBLEM GETS WORSE!

now i'm off to install japanese and then reinstall ffxi + the expansion.
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i am reformatting my HD.
some issue with RPC (remote procedure call) i can not fix.

see you when i'm finished >_<

by the way, if you know the solution to this problem then send a message and tell me the solution and then tell me i'm retarded for reformatting and losting all my files. sankqu <3

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earth: the apt search goes so/so. those people never called em back but we'll see what happens. we found -alot- of 2br apts around the area that sound really nice. checked out some websites, saw some really fucking ugly buildings and yea. hopefully will be moving out october first. that's what i'm shooting for. and yea. /smile

vana'diel: bored waiting for vivid to come on so i logged after leveling warrior in bastok with Donnovan and Wolfe. yea. yay .. bastok. ^^;
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mk to sum up last couple of days:

em calls to ask if i still wanna get an apartment with her
i mention to her dave and she says ":O! cool!"
she calls place leasing apartments
she is waiting for a call back
she has to give a 60 day notice for her moving

my plan:
get apartment hopefully first of october
when it's time for em to move she just moves in then


however my dad doesn't want me to move out again. i told him i am not motivated to do anything when i live at home. my mom doesn't want me to move out either but um.. i don't really live with her, she's just worried i won't come see her or something even though i'll be in the same area. ^^;
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hm. dyed my hair so i took some pictures. i'm only posting one because i'm lazy. not just lazy, i'm a lazy person's superior, like.. uh.. a captain or something, hmm. yea. maybe i'll post more later but i have to like.. get out of my chair soon. and not only do i have to get out of my chair, i have to (:O! /GASP * OMG WHAT?) leave the house too.

i look sickly, don't i?Collapse )

yea i'm really that pale.. erm.. that's what not leaving the house and living in minneapolis will do to you. yay. i look like a vampire RARR with how white i am haha.. ok then. maybe i have cancer? love the boxers don't you? yea i thought so. :D
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